Appointed Times

Have you ever wondered when Jesus Christ was actually born?

Did you know that there are two exciting new ways to calculate His real birth date among His Crucifixion and Resurrection dates, all using a Bible Prophecy in Daniel? Chad Horton explores how to date the birth of Christ in ways that are easy to follow and investigates the significance of each in exciting ways. Using contemporary methods, this book investigates two dozen concealed Biblical dates that will deepen your faith.

Appointed Times is an intelligent, heartfelt journey to unveil explicit Biblical timing with precision like never before. A must-read for every Christian who wants to understand the Bible better.

About Chad

CHAD HORTON is a lifelong Christian and US-Patent-awarded inventor in the Telecommunications industry from research conducted as a postgraduate during a 3-decade long career in Information Technology.  His novel approach to Unified Communications and telephone technology using critical spatial thinking is coupled with an acicular research acumen.  Chad is also an avid blogger on calculations hidden in Bible Prophecy at MeridianProphecy.com, artist, photographer, and volunteer in several church outreaches and other organizations in the local community.