Adam’s 6,000 Year Rule Dated: April 12, 3807 B.C. (1 Nisan, -45 AM) – February 29, 2108 A.D. (Leap Year Day).

Throughout the Bible, God’s Master Plan has echoed in a sabbatical timeframe in intervals of sevens.  From the Week of Creation, consisting of seven ‘Days’ ending on the Sabbath (Saturday) to a seven-year agricultural cycle, ending with the sabbatical seventh-year rest mandated by the Torah to rest the land to the seven-millennial cycle, based on the Week of Creation in Genesis/Torah, ending with the seventh millennium, 1000-year rule of Christ on His throne physically in Jerusalem following the 6,000 Year Self-Rule of Man, sons of Adam.  The idea of man’s six-millennium year self-rule starting at the Fall of Adam and Eve has been taught, debated and contested for virtually the entire time mankind (i.e. descendants of Adam and Eve) has self-ruled on Earth apart from God’s direct control.  In an attempt to see if there is any credence to the idea by virtue of dates, I decided to date it using my calendar conversion formula from previous blog posts and the right start date in the future, the beginning of Christ’s millennial rule, backdating to the beginning of the cycle.  In my experience, both dates, beginning and ending, would have to have some level of significance or uniqueness to be considered ‘accurate’ once dated.  Several references in the New Testament to the “Last Days” makes a lot more sense when considering each millennium is a day and a day is a millennium.  If each Day of Creation symbolizes 1000 years, Jesus’ first coming to Earth happened on the 4th Day or 4th Millennium.  When He referred to the ‘Last Days’, he more clearly meant the last 2-3 days of the era or the last 2-3 millennium, the rest of the 4th, the 5th, and the 6th millenniums to come upon His next return.

After several unsuccessful attempts, using various tribulation dates I had calculated, I read Daniel 12:9-12, “It is time for you to go on your way, Daniel, for the words must be kept secret and sealed until the time of the end. 10 Many will keep themselves pure and clean and refined despite the pressures of these times, but those who are wicked will continue their wicked ways and none of them will ever understand. But those who are wise will. 11 From the time when the daily sacrifice is prohibited and the disgusting idol that desecrates the most holy place is put in its place, there will be 1,290 days. 12 Those who remain true to God and reach the end of the 1,335 days are sure to experience God’s blessing. 13 As for you, Daniel, go and be faithful to the end of your life. You will surely rest, but when the end of days arrives, you will rise again to receive the inheritance allotted for you.” 

My calculated start to the Tribulation is January 4, 2101 A.D., which is exactly 2 weeks (for the feast) after the dedication of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem on December 21, 2100 A.D. (i.e. the calculated end of Daniel’s 2300 Evenings & Mornings Prophecy).  What makes knowing these Tribulation dates even possible is contained in my blog post, When is the Joel 2:31 Solar Eclipse? July 4, 2103 A.D.  The only solar eclipse whose totality occurs directly over Israel in the next 200 years happens to be dated on July 4, 2103 A.D., USA’s Independence Day, by NASA, exactly 2.5 years and 2 weeks after my calculated end date of Daniel’s 2300 Evenings & Mornings Prophecy.  Add one more year according to Isaiah 34:8 for “…the Lord’s Day of vengeance, year of retribution to uphold Zion’s cause… and you are exactly 3.5 years into the 7-year Tribulation on July 4, 2104 A.D.  Revelation 18:4 & 8 & 16-17 says, “Then I heard another voice from heaven urge, ‘My people, get away from her—fast. Make sure you do not get caught up in her sins. Put some distance between you so that you do not share in her plagues'”. 8Because of this arrogance, in a single day, plagues will overwhelm her. Her portion will be death and sorrow and famine, And she will be incinerated with firefor mighty is the Lord God who exacts judgment on her.” “16 They will say, ‘Terrible! How terrible for the great city! She was dressed in fine linen {White}; she wore purple {Dark Blue} and scarlet {Red} cloth {American Flag}. She was shining with gold, jewels, and pearls {Great City Lights, and perhaps Fireworks}! 17 All these riches have been destroyed in one hour!’”  These passages suggests the Lord’s Day of vengeance on the new Babylon, which could likely occur at the beginning of the year of retribution on July 4, 2103 A.D.  After the beginning of Revelation 19 where the people in Heaven praise God for the destruction of the new Babylon, Revelation 19:7-8 says, “Let us rejoice and be happy and give God glory! Give God glory, because the wedding of the Lamb has come. And the Lamb’s bride has made herself ready. Fine linen was given to the bride for her to wear. The linen was bright and clean.”  This implies the readiness of the Lamb’s bride, or the Church, who is ready to be raptured or ‘taken up’ AFTER the Lord’s Day of vengeance against the new Babylon, during the year of retribution to uphold Zion’s cause.  But when?  I believe it is sometime in the Fall of 2103 A.D., likely the end of September or October while the day and hour cannot be known.



Looking back at Daniel 12:11-12, in the precise middle of the Tribulation, July 4, 2104 A.D., the daily sacrifice will be prohibited and an abomination will be placed on the altar of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem by the New Testament Anti-Christ’s order after taking control of Israel, virtually abandoned by its fallen superpower protector, and desecrating the Temple for the next 1,290 days.  45 days thereafter on day 1,335, it says that those who remained true to God are sure to experience God’s blessing, which is understood as the beginning of the prophetic 1000-year Millenial rule of Christ on Earth in Jerusalem after the Battle of Armageddon described in Revelation 19:11-21.  Using a date calculator, 1,335 days counted after July 4, 2104 A.D. is February 29, 2108, Leap Year Day.  From my calculations, this is the official end of man’s 6000-year rule.

Since all ancient prophecies of the Bible were given in a 360-day year, the 6000-year timeframe must also be interpreted in the same timeframe.  To view in our modern calendar, the following conversion is required.

On a side note, the brilliance of God giving prophetic timeframes (360-day year) that have to be converted to a different timeframe (365.2422-day year) as demonstrated below, offers an incredible, decoded and absolutely precise timing mechanism for reckoning large cycles of time, even down to the second as needed.

  • 6000 Prophetic Years X 360-day Year = 2,160,000 days
  • 2,160,000/365.2421904 = 5913 tropical years, 322 days, 22 hrs, 19 mins, 57.79 secs

6000yr pic

April 12, 3807 B.C. overlaps at twilight with Hebrew date, 1 Nisan (if the Hebrew calendar existed then); of which that day, over time, became 1) the Jewish Commercial New Year, 2) the beginning of Jewish National History, 3) birth of the Israelite Nation 4) the date Moses inaugurated the Hebrew calendar beginning with Nisan as the first month of the year tied to all counting of Jewish religious festivals with the start of the month of the Exodus from Egypt, and 5) the date of Nehemiah’s Decree (which is also the start of Daniel’s 70-Weeks Prophecy that counts to Jesus Christ’s Resurrection) to rebuild the walls in Jerusalem.  All Jewish scholars concede that there are errors in the backdated years for the start of the ancient Hebrew calendar (the presumed Creation date/week) prior to Mosaic Egypt and have attempted to reconcile the errors by adding up the ages of the characters in the Torah or years they ruled in order to date ancient Biblical events more accurately towards more modern and reliable dates which have proven to not be entirely reliable.  I now believe that by dating to the end of the Tribulation first using Daniel’s prophecies, then backdate roughly 6000 years with my method, you land on a significant date in the Hebrew calendar, the very beginning of the Hebrew New Year’s Day, approximately 45-46 years before the beginning of the Hebrew calendar.  My only explanation for this gap is that I agree that the genesis or beginning of the Hebrew calendar yearly count is truly not accurate from this starting event.  The Fall of Adam is more likely the plausible start of the 6000-year cycle (man’s self-rule timeframe) rather than Creation itself, considering how long ago we roughly know when Adam lived on Earth compared to the time we don’t know how long ago it actually took to create the universe within the prophetic seven Days of Creation or how long Adam and Eve were actually in the Garden of Eden.  Creation itself could have taken a billion years or an eon per Day of Creation for all we know.  Science highly suggests such a timeframe.  Adam and Eve would not have been limited by Earthly time until they fell to Earth and took on our physical bodies that are certainly limited by time.  Adam’s life on Earth is a much more discreet timeframe that we can manage for this exercise and relates best to the purpose of the timeframe.  In summary, my calculated date is not the Creation Date nor the date Hebrew scholars chose to start their calendar.  My calculated date is what I think is the actual date Adam and Eve were forced out of the Garden of Eden, thus beginning the era of man’s 6000-year prophetic self-rule that ends on February 29, 2108, Leap Year Day (the one day every 4 years [except each century e.g. X00, excluding millenniums e.g. X000] astronomical timing and our Gregorian calendar are virtually in sync with each other).

3807 calendar

After using the same calculation method to calculate the length of Christ’s Prophetic 1000-year rule below, the ending date, October 23, 3093 A.D., is not especially interesting compared to its start date;

  • 1000 Prophetic Years X 360-day Year = 360,000 days
  • 360,000/365.2421904 = 985 tropical years, 236 days, 10 hrs, 37 mins, 8.2 secs

February 29, 2108 A.D. + 985 tropical years, 236 days, 10 hrs, 37 mins, 8.2 secs = October 23, 3093 A.D. at approximately sunrise in Jerusalem.

1000 literal millenium

*The 10 hrs, 37 mins, 8.2 secs reckons from the sunset of February 29th date to approximately sunrise March 1st the next morning for simpler calculation of the days and years.

Therefore, because of the uninteresting calculated ending date of Christ’s 1000-year rule, October 23, 3093 A.D., I am again very inclined to think that the 7th millennium is a literal 1000 tropical years, set apart in its own span of time, as I demonstrated in my respective blog post, the 70th literal Week in Daniel’s 70-Week Prophecy compared to the previous 69 Weeks, in which case the ending Gregorian date would be February 29, 3108 A.D.  However, I highly suspect starting in the new era of Christ’s 1000-year rule, all previous calendars will not be used anymore from that day forward and Christ will institute a new but perfect replacement calendar without the festivals and memories of past ages, much like the Christ-inspired Anno Mundi and Anno Domini calendars that were instituted around “Creation” and His Birth, albeit inaccurately.

Final Countdown Timeline

Final Countdown Timeline Final 6

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