This blog is intended to explain key Bible prophecies using astronomical timing, day counting calculators and calendar conversions in a combined method that yields the most precise historical event intersections attempted along with other interesting commentary related to eschatology and apologetics.

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  1. Sorry, the millennium has passed. Satan is loosed and viles poured ou. World wars, tsunamis and pandemics. CHRIST was on the throne of David from the resurrection. Dispensationalism is a false doctrine.


    • Hi Gary, I want to thank you for your comment. I see that you are also an avid blogger about a topic that you feel passionately about related to religion. My intent was to approach a very emotional topic through a more mathematical/scientific approach in order to avoid hyperbolic conclusions that are designed to satisfy any belief that is commonly already biased. While I am sure you spent a lot of time developing your stated argument that attempts to discount mine, I would like to point out that your comment is almost perfectly designed as a ‘Post hoc ergo propter hoc’ logical fallacy. My several reads of the entire Bible do not detect the chronological order that you have provided. However, decoding the prophetic time frames in a manner that fits factual events given in the Bible mathematically is intended to cut through all of the -ism BS that is the axle which we continually get wrapped around, causing more division rather than supporting the doctrine of loving your neighbor as Jesus taught. I welcome any additional support you can provide that expresses facts, rather than an opinion, that couples more compassion with every dose of logic at the end of the day. Peace be with you, my friend.


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