Is Dr. Chuck Missler’s “Ezekiel’s 430 Days” Duel Prophecy Accurate? Yes.

My local pastor taught a sermon this past Sunday from the Book of Daniel when he “geeked out,” as he put it, briefly sharing a mathematical formula applied to 2 decrees from Ezra based on Ezekiel’s 430 Days – Duel Prophecy. The prophecy was applied to the first decree and calculated to span the time between the Cyrus Decree (when the Jews were liberated from Persia and some returned to Israel) and when Israel was restored as a nation in 1948 A.D. The second spanned the time between the Darius Decree (when the Jews were allowed to rebuild the Temple) and when Jerusalem was restored as the capital of Israel in 1967 A.D. when they took the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. I almost fell out of my chair as it was very similar to my own mathematical endeavors regarding the 70-Weeks Prophecy and 2300-Evening and Morning Prophecy. I became fascinated as I had not studied this prophecy before and went home later to search for his source. It was Dr. Chuck Missler. The name sounded familiar when I realized that I referenced his TV show, “Learn the Bible in 24 Hours” in my 2015 blog post, Joshua’s Day When the Sun Stood Still – Explained by Disney’s Tea Cups. I found his article, Ezekiel’s 430 Days by Chuck Missler – Aug 1, 2000. I decided that I wanted to apply my precision calculation method to his calculated years in each prophecy to see if I could confirm the accuracy of his work to judge its authenticity.

My hat is off to Dr. Missler and all of his efforts. I offer the utmost respect for his undertakings in this niche.

First, let’s look at his initial setup calculations. For more context, read his article first, Ezekiel’s 430 Days. Dr. Missler does a commendable job in calculating the “prophetic” years of God’s judgment remaining against the nation of Israel, 2520 years, due to their sin that put them into Babylonian captivity. He converts the prophetic years to prophetic days, 2520 X 360 days = 907,200 Days of Judgement. Dr. Missler correctly attempts to convert the prophetic days, 907,200 into our modern calendar (Gregorian). I will show my own math below in detail.

Ezekiel’s 430 Days

907,200 / 365.24219 = 2483.83134 years

2483.83134 -> 0.83134 X 365.24219 = 303.64223 days

303.64223 -> 0.64223 X 24 hrs. = 15.41352h

15.41352 -> 0.41352 X 60 mins. = 24.8112m

24.8112 -> 0.8112 X 60 secs. = 48.672s

2483 years, 303 days, 15h, 24m, 48.67s


2483 years, 10 months, 0 days, 15h, 24m, 48.67s


We know Israel became a nation officially, at midnight (IST) on May 14, 1948 A.D. when the termination of the British Mandate went into effect.

If we go backward 15 hours, it would be 9 am IST on May 13, 1948 A.D. Back further, almost 25 minutes and it is 8:35 am IST. Now we can use a date calculator to go back 2483 years, and 303 days to the event that was started by the Cyrus Decree. My calculation lands on Friday, July 14, 537 B.C. at 8:35 am IST (i.e. about the 3rd Jewish Relative Hour).

Dr. Missler calculates 2483 years, 9 months, and 21 days but doesn’t show the math. He comes to July 23, 537 B.C., which is 9 days shorter than my calculation that ends on a full month of days. To put this into historical context, according to the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website, Cyrus united the Persian and Median kingdoms and subdued the Babylonian Empire in 539 B.C. In 538 B.C. King Cyrus made a public declaration as detailed in the Book of Ezra to release the Jews from captivity and allow them to return to Israel. It is thought that the first group of Jews returned initially in 537 B.C. Perhaps this calculation gives us an exact date when they initially reached their destination in Israel since it calculates out perfectly to when Israel became a nation again.


Jerusalem regained its capital, Jerusalem, of Israel after more than 2500 years on June 7, 1967 A.D. at 12:00 pm IST when IDF paratroopers were able to advance into the Old City and gain control of the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. Using the same date calculator, we change the end date to calculate the start of the cycle in reverse. Therefore, the start date is Friday, August 8, 518 B.C. at 8:35 pm IST (i.e. just after nightfall as the moon set). Again to put this into historical context, the Encyclopedia Britannica says, “In 519 B.C. [King Darius] authorized the Jews to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem, in accordance with the earlier decree of Cyrus. Work was completed in 515 B.C.” I suspect that on August 8, 518 B.C., another large group of Jews arrived in Jerusalem with the new decree and resources to begin reconstruction. Again, Dr. Missler uses 2483 years, 9 months, and 21 days but doesn’t show the math. He comes to August 16, 518 B.C. which is 8 days shorter than my calculation.

In summary, it is very exciting to see more examples of the same type of biblical calculations that continue to build a body of accurate work that demonstrates the Word of God is completely reliable! Since I see so many inaccurate calculations on the Internet, this gives me additional confidence that my precision calculations for Daniel’s 70-Weeks Prophecy and 2300-Evenings and Mornings Prophecy are accurate in addition to the incredible amount of evidence I offer to prove it beyond any reasonable doubt.

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  1. Hi Chad, Thank you so much for verifying Chuck Missler’s work. Been waiting for verification since I first heard the message twenty years ago.

    I have been going through Isaiah and would love your thoughts on Isaiah 24:1.
    From a Creationists perspective, there is significant historic geological evidence of a rapid geomagnetic reversal during the time of the flood. The Bible says that the last days will be like the days of Noah. I think Isaiah 24:1 describes another rapid geomagnetic reversal on a populated earth in the last days. From what I could find, it seems that many of the atmospheric changes described is Revelations could be explained by a geomagnetic reversal. This is hypothetical, but intriguing since the Earth’s magnetic poles have increased their movement exponentially in recent years and secular scientist believe a slow geomagnetic reversal is eminent (See references below).

    Thank you!

    [Isa 24:1 KJV] 1 Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.

    [Luk 17:26 NKJV] 26 “And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man:

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