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Come explore God’s hidden clocks in the Bible and the incredible insight it brings to your Faith.

Hi, I’m Chad. A techie by trade that explores the ‘technical’ side of the Bible, finding newer date and time insights from the embedded prophetic timers to strengthen our understanding and meaning of the Scriptures. While many great stories in the Bible bring great inspiration to many believers, particularly new believers, prophecy is a story type that draws us to look forward to God instead of only backward in time for Him.  To me, Bible prophecy isn’t only about the destination but, more presently, the purpose we find and play in the journey ahead from wherever we stand in history to collectively get to that outcome and see His great precision in that design.

My New Book Drops September 29, 2021!

Thanks to an overwhelming response to this blog and to many more discoveries that I have made throughout this project, I have spent the last 2 years writing this incredible book, Appointed Times – When was Jesus Christ Born?, to fully reveal the hidden TRUTH about when Jesus Christ was born and many other Bible […]

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Is Dr. Chuck Missler’s “Ezekiel’s 430 Days” Duel Prophecy Accurate? Yes.

My local pastor taught a sermon this past Sunday from the Book of Daniel when he “geeked out,” as he put it, briefly sharing a mathematical formula applied to 2 decrees from Ezra based on Ezekiel’s 430 Days – Duel Prophecy. The prophecy was applied to the first decree and calculated to span the time […]

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The Six-Millennia Self-Rule of Man Dated

As of the writing of this blog, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs has published its 26th round of the UN’s global population estimates and projections.  The report includes forecasts since 1950 for over 235 countries as well as projections from the present until 2100 A.D., depicting a range of possible or […]

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Hanukkah started on the Winter Solstice: December 24-31, 165 B.C.

Hanaukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, began the year following the miracle when one day’s worth of kosher oil was used to light the menorah for eight days.  This miracle occurred after the reconsecration of the Second Temple, Herod’s Temple, in Jerusalem on Kislev 25, 3597 AM or December 24th 165 BC, exactly […]


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